Our Plants


Value Seed Pvt Limited has multiple units with a new state of the art processing located in the west region of India, Gujarat, known as the Peanut Bowl Of India. Our geographic location enables us to continuously source from peanut growers and shellers and of being so close to the port give us the opportunity to make our export process much simple and on time.

Our Peanut processing Unit is located in Rajkot, Gujarat, well-connected city via air from Mumbai & Delhi. This unit is well designed with understanding the need for reducing food safety risks for consumers worldwide. We have the latest machines and technology to process our sourced peanut from local shellers and to produce our Aflatoxin free peanut. We have a raw peanut processing plant equipped with Buhler machinery with a capacity of 120 MT/day and Roasted peanut with 50 MT/day. Value Seed Pvt Limited has a storage capacity of more than 1000 MT processed peanuts in controlled environmental conditions.

The key feature of this unit is a system with a validated process and controlled-environment processing of products to reduce the food safety risk. Our Roasting process is validated as per international guidelines for the log reduction of salmonella with the help of surrogated organisms at different roasting levels and the Environment validation system helps us to reduce bioburden in our process area, which helps us to produce a product with a low food safety risk and fit for the human consumption. The advanced automatic vacuum packing system with food-grade packing bags helps us to maintain a long shelf life of our products.

Our team’s passion for the product, quality, and proactive nature with learning makes us produce a product that meets the global standard and our customer requirements.

Value Seed Pvt Limited : Bhuj

Our second unit is located in Bhuj, Kutch district in the state of Gujarat established in 2019 in 20,000 square meters area. The site comprises a branch office, a processing unit for our products, and a no of the warehouse. This unit is very close to our Port, only 50 Km distance from Mundra and Kandla port, which helps us to make our export transfer much easy and on time.

Manufacturing Process


Dry roasted and blanch peanuts are manufactured by state of art roasting and blanching process technology. We purchased pre-processed and graded raw material from our selected supplier further and re-process at our end to confirm our quality standards. These processed peanuts goes through roaster at required level of roasting temperature followed by blanching and color sorting process to produce good quality of low roast, medium roast and high roast blanch peanuts. These balnch and color sorted peanut further goes through manual sorting and metal detection system before packing to avoid any kind of foreign body in our product . These products further goes through an online auto vaccum packing process to packed in food grade low oxygen transfer bags to avoid any kind of further contamination.